Terms & Conditions

1.Dealer works on standard rental rates as defined by The Company.

2.Dealer will take prior approval of The Company before submitting offer to a new customer.
3.The offer will be submitted by the dealership on the stationery specified by the Company. And a copy of the offer has to be mailed to The Company simultaneously.
4.The company will work with dealer on 100% advance payment of material and in some way it depends case to case.
5.Dealer will use signage, logo, stationary and Corporate Identity for the dealership as may be defined The Company.
6.Dealer will maintain all Systems & Processes as per The Company' guidelines.

7.Either party can issue terminate Dealership agreement with one month notice However all the obligation till date of termination will be complied by both the parties even after termination.

8.Dealer will ensure complaints of the changes in The Company’s policy that are incorporated time to time.